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Welcome to the eSeminars area of the website.

An eSeminar or webinar is an online seminar where participants view the presentation through their web browser. A key feature of a webinar is the interactive element – the ability to give, receive and discuss information.

We hope the eSeminars will be a useful part of both teacher continuing professional development and GCSE/Standard Grade and A-level/Advanced Higher classes too.

Recordings and presentation notes for each of the past eSeminar events are available to view under the section eSeminar catch-up.


How can I join in?

An eSeminar mailing group has been created to provide login details to interested teachers, students and health professionals. There is now no need to sign up for individual events, as the programme of events and the weblink required to join in the programme will be sent directly to the eSeminar mailing group.


Would you like to be kept informed about eSeminar events?

To join the eSeminar mailing group and register for the 2014/2015 eSeminar programme send an email to

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