Try out our brand new Multiple choice online quizzes or our interactive Kahoot quizzes to support the learning for 11-14 years!

Multiple choice quizzes

We have designed brand new multiple choice quizzes, based on some of our existing resources, which your pupils can use to test their knowledge on a variety of topics that they have covered in class.

Passing a quiz will also award your pupils with a printable certificate!

We’d love to hear your feedback on these quizzes so we can improve them in the future. Please click here to take a short, 3-minute survey, which helps us to collate feedback and make changes based on what you want to see.


Eat Well

The Eatwell Guide quiz

Eight tips for healthy eating quiz

Healthy hydration quiz

5-A-DAY quiz


Energy and nutrients

Energy balance quiz

Energy quiz

Dietary fibre quiz

Nutrients quiz

Nutritional needs through life quiz

Dietary Reference Values quiz

Hydration quiz


Diet and health

Diet and health quiz

Unpleasant reactions to food quiz

Healthy teeth quiz


Nutrition labels

Food labelling quiz



The digestion process quiz



The benefits of physical activity quiz

Sports nutrition quiz

Physical activity guidelines quiz


Kahoot interactive quizzes

We have created multiple choice quizzes on Kahoot which enables classes to test their knowledge interactively using their smartphone or tablet!

When using Kahoot it is important to note:

  • games are displayed on a shared screen, for example a smart TV, a laptop or an interactive whiteboard that all the players can see;
  • players join in using their own device – whether that is a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

For support using Kahoot, please refer to our Kahoot user guide below.

Eat Well

Eatwell Guide

Dietary Fibre

Drink Plenty Quiz – Secondary

Breakfast Quiz – Secondary


Energy and nutrients

Nutritional needs throughout life (foundation)

Nutritional needs throughout life (extension)

Dietary Fibre and Water




Energy requirements

Dietary reference values (DRVs)



Diet and health

Bone health throughout life

Unpleasant reactions to food

Diet, insulin and blood glucose



Coronary heart disease


Development and Maintenance of Healthy Teeth


Nutrition labels

Food labelling

Food packaging






Get Active


Sports nutrition


Food Choice

Factors affecting food choice

Religion and food choices

Food and the senses

Kahoot quiz user guide

A user guide for using the interactive quiz tool Kahoot.

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