National food and nutrition education conference 2020 – did you miss it?

Our most recent conference was the National food and nutrition education conference in London. If you were not able to make it, you can still find all of the resources below.

National food and nutrition education conference 2020 – did you miss it?

Ensuring that teachers get high quality training, support and professional development is one of the cornerstones of the Food – a fact of life programme. Our training is wide ranging; including online training courses, webinars and face-to-face conferences.

At our most recent face-to-face training event in London, 113 primary and secondary teachers came together for a morning of topical updates and networking. The programme was broad and included the topics of a whole school approach to health and wellbeing, diet and health, and cooking in schools.

The keynote speakers looked at the three main curriculum topics of healthy eating, where food comes from and cooking. BNF Science Director Sara Stanner looked at ‘Diet and health – can you trust the headlines?’; BNF Managing Director and Head of Education Roy Ballam discussed the importance of cooking in schools and Susannah Bolton, Knowledge Exchange Director from AHDB, gave her insight on food, technology and the environment.

The teachers were then split into Primary and Secondary, with Secondary teachers enjoying presentations on boosting pupil performance, sports nutrition, wheat and dairy farming and processing. Primary teachers partook in an interactive session focusing on the production, processing, nutrition and practical use of cereals (wheat) and dairy (milk and cheese) which included a series of short presentations followed by a practical cooking session.

Overall the response from teachers was very positive with 96% of teachers who attended rating the conference as 5/6 out of 6. Over 85% of teachers responded with a 9/10 out of 10 when asked whether they would recommend the conference to a friend or colleague (87%) and whether they would visit the Food – a fact of life website (93%).

If you missed the event and want to still enjoy some of the fantastic presentations that were on offer, you can find these here.

Below are some comments from teachers who attended the event:

“I always learn something new, whether it is statistics, a curriculum matter or info from another teacher. Great way to network and know you're not alone.”
“Wonderful day - full of brilliant ideas and information, which I look forward to using in the classroom.”
“As always, a brilliant morning with lots of very useful information to take back to school. Also very useful for me in terms of my own CPD - very informative.”
“This conference was outstanding - all the speakers were excellent, interesting and motivational. I've been teaching food for 30 years and I really enjoyed what I learnt today so thank you.”

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