Support for teachers

Advice and support for teachers setting work, planning lessons and arranging their professional development.

Food - a fact of life has a range of activities and resources which you can use to set work and plan lessons, as well as support your professional development.

Setting work

  • Using the main menu at the top of the website you'll find support for pupils aged 3 to 16 years. Within each age you'll find activities and resources around where food comes from, cooking and healthy eating.
  • We've a dedicated section section, which can be searched in many ways! Click here.
  • Searching for a certain resource or just need inspiration? Use our resource search to find resources by type, age, topic and much more! 

Planning lessons

  • Schemes or Work - we are in the process of updating our secondary Schemes of Work. Find out more here
  • Want support in planning lessons and Schemes of Work (learning)? Get support here.
  • What's good practice look like? We've developed a guide for food teaching in secondary schools - click here - and a primary version is currently being developed! 
  • Keep all your resources together on this site! Register on My dashboard so you can create collections of resources and recipes from the FFL website - all with one-click! Manage the collections by class, form, theme, topic and resource type.

Professional development 

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