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Food Supply Team

Andy Millman, ASDA

Technical Manager - Horticulture

Rebecca Smith, Valley Produce Ltd

Careers in food poster

A classroom poster to showcase the variety of career opportunities available...

11 - 14 YR
An introduction to dairy farming

A presentation introducing dairy farming.

11 - 14 YR
Milk production

A presentation about milk production.

11 - 14 YR
Milk processing

A presentation exploring milk processing.

11 - 14 YR
Cheese production

A presentation exploring cheese production.

11 - 14 YR
Livestock farming

A presentation about livestock farming in the UK.

Meat, Poultry & Fish Buyer

Charlotte Theaker, Harrods

Executive Chef

Dennis Mwakulua, Lexington Catering

Research Scientist

Sarah Kendall, ADAS

Junior Product Developer

Sam Griffiths, Co-op

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