Careers in food and drink

Hear about the extensive careers in food and drink and the wide variety of opportunities available to young people.


Careers in food and drink are extensive and provide a wide variety of opportunities to young people. Join Louise Cairns, Chief Executive, The National Skills Academy for Food & Drink, as she outlines the wide range of careers in food and drink, the skills required and training avenues available. Hear from young people themselves about their career path and working life.

An ideal opportunity to find out more during National Careers Week (7-12 March 2022). 

This webinar will be useful for secondary food and nutrition teachers at any stage of their career.

What will be covered?

  • Careers in food and drink.
  • Skills, knowledge and experience required.
  • Training routes available.
  • Support for teachers, pupils and parents/carers.
  • Experiences of young people working in food and drink.
  • Links to Food – a fact of life resources.
  • Sources of further information and support.

Why attend?


Secondary food and nutrition teachers at any stage of their career.

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