Interactive resources

A series of interactive resources looking at cooking.

On this page are interactive resources for pupils 7-11 years. For further resources for pupils 5-7 years, click here and for resources for pupils 11-14 years, click here.

The resources on this page are:


Recipe videos

The below videos look at recipes. As you go through these videos, questions will come up on the screen. Get a pen and paper and note down your answers, or answer on screen, and take notes on what you have learnt. Why not create your own recipe storyboard for a recipe of your choice?

Chunky soup

Beef Quesadillas

Baking bread

Shepherd's pie


Recipes - filling in the gaps

Brilliant bread

To view the billiant bread recipe, click here.

Mushroom Risotto

To view the Mushroom risotto recipe, click here.

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