Parental engagement

Coming soon. Welcome to the Parental engagement section. Over time, activity suggestions and resources will be added for schools to use to engage with parents and carers.

Parental engagement

Working with parents/carers is an important part of school life. In relation to food, this relates to the child’s health and wellbeing, the food and drink they consume and what they learn. Engaging parents/carers with your whole school food ethos enables them to better understand your culture and values, as well as potentially supporting them to become learners.

Of course, many parents/carers also have fantastic experience, skills and knowledge that can be utilised to support your school, from helping create a garden space and teaching children about growing plants, to running cooking and tasting sessions about different ingredients and dishes around the UK and world.

Over time, a series of activity ideas and resources to engage parents and carers will be added, including:

  • activity ideas, such as breakfast club sessions, healthy eating talks, and cooking clubs;
  • information sheets, to provide ideas for the home around a number of topics including lunchboxes, healthy eating and cooking;
  • posters and displays to help create a warm welcome in reception, parent/carer evening or an activity session.

Content will be added throughout 2019.

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