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Move more remote learning

A series of remote learning resources to support the Move more challenge for...

Mind kind remote learning

A series of remote learning resources to support the Mind kind challenge for...

Eat more wholegrains challenge presentation

A presentation exploring the Eat more wholegrains challenge for HEW 2020.

Tasty tomatoes quiz answers

A quiz looking at where food comes from.

Cooking considerations poster

A poster looking at considerations when cooking savoury meals.

Let's get ready to cook!

A poster about getting ready to cook.

Vegetable cards

A set of cards showing photographs of vegetables.

Kahoot quiz user guide

A user guide for using the interactive quiz tool Kahoot.

The Eatwell Guide - an introduction

A presentation introducing The Eatwell Guide. Based on a webinar given on the...

Checklist for school food other than lunch

A checklist looking at healthier choices for school food other than lunch.

Ambassador pack

A pack to recruit pupil 'Ambassadors' to support BNF Healthy Eating Week acti...

5 - 7 YR
FFL Workbook 1

An 8-page workbook for pupils aged 5-7 years, covering healthy eating, drinki...

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